13 Types Of Content ideas You May Create for Your Blog

The term ‘blog post’ is a diversified terminology that includes different types of blog content. From general articles to listicles and even social media posts, everything can be counted as a blog post.

So, while strategizing your blog, you should consider what kinds of posts it will have. Whether it will be short to long-form articles, images, written content mixed with videos, or others.

Here are some blog content examples to help you choose a format according to your requirements.

How-to’s and Tutorials

From ‘how often should you change your toothbrush’ to ‘how to become an entrepreneur’, people keep searching on the internet to find solutions to their problems. That’s where you can intervene – address a problem in the niche of your blog.

Particularly, if you aim at providing education/information to your audience, perhaps, how-to’s and tutorials will serve your purpose the best. These are elaborate write-ups, sometimes, with illustrations, that address one or more issues faced by your readers.

Creating this sort of content is also beneficial since it imparts your expertise on the topic. So, if you’re running a business or aim at branding, these articles will let you establish a credible stance among the readers, thereby attracting more business.


These articles solve a problem in a step-by-step manner. Lists usually attract readers as they get to find out their desired solution by quickly scanning the article. Plus, if you are a newbie in blogging, creating lists would be the quickest way to gain some traction.

Following the typical “X best…”, “X ways to….” Or “X products to change…” style, lists articles, despite bearing a slight monotony, are still popular among the readers. These articles are also great if your blog revolves around affiliate marketing.

Resources or Link Lists

Link lists or resource articles are great if you are just starting out on your blog. You can create these articles simply by gathering all the resources or links you plan to consult for your own blog.

These articles usually include curation of other content or links. Hence, they are easy to create. Moreover, readers love these articles since they can find multiple resources together, which saves time.

Besides, you can also add your blog to the list to make an impression.

Cheat Sheets, Checklists and To-do’s

Cheat sheets are usually similar to how-to’s; the only difference being their precision. While how-tos often address a problem in a comprehensive manner and also include the background of a problem, cheat sheets get straight to the point in a professional way. Yet, they are inclusive enough to serve as a quick guide for the readers.

Similar to cheat sheets in format, checklists and to-do’s also guide the user towards the solution of a problem. They become further useful when you include a downloadable/printable PDF link for your post for the visitors.


Reviews are the best blog posts for a business point-of-view. From straight product reviews or writing comparisons, review articles offer plenty of options in every niche.

From restaurants to tourism spots to gadgets and home products, you can write short, long, or detailed comparison reviews on the key things of your niche and attract readers.

Such reviews also help you grow further as the businesses tend to send you free unsolicited samples for review.

Case Studies

Case studies are the kind of blog posts that emphasize the efficiency of your services while also presenting it as a solution to a problem. With case studies, you can share the success stories of your customers with your readers. Share how you helped your client in accomplishing a task.

With case studies, you can adopt various formats of blog content, such as short or long articles, e-book, an infographic, or even a podcast.


Ebooks have drastically transformed, rather expanded from being the typical electronic version of books to the detailed posts. In terms of blogging, ebooks refer to the detailed guides providing in-depth information backed by suitable references.

Despite being a great content type, they are still far less tapped-into than other types, probably because of their exhaustiveness. And, to promote these ebooks, one may have to create a promotional or supporting article with a CTA for the readers.

While it may not be successful for the general public, it is great to generate more leads if your target audience is professional businesses.


Creating templates also attracts and engages the audience since it helps the readers by providing them ready templates which help them generate more leads without spending much time.

Controversial Posts

Controversies also offer lots of worth-discussing blog post ideas. These posts also succeed in getting more traffic if you pick up the right topic that attracts your readers.

However, you must have thick skin to write such posts, since you may also trigger negative comments as well. Likewise, your post must have strong references to back your opinion.


Infographics are becoming popular since they provide concrete information in a precise and attractive manner. Many times, it also helps the reader understand complex topics within a minute. Creating infographics simply requires creative skills, basic coding knowledge, and the ability to write in brief. And, your blog is ready to grab the audience.


Podcasts let the audience stay connected to your blog without having to abandon their chores routine for reading.

Moreover, you can also increase your blog traffic by jazzing up the podcasts with blog posts, which may include a brief of the podcast, or simply the transcription. The latter is especially useful if your target audience also includes non-native speakers as well who may have difficulty understanding native accents.


Videos are disrupting the conventional blogging industry. Videos have not only made blogging easy but have also emerged as a quick means to share knowledge. Plus, the visuals tend to attract readers more than written content. People also like to share videos on social media sites, hence, increasing your readership.


Publishing interviews of experts in your niche add credibility to your blog. Besides, the readers also like to know the opinion of experts, hence, you expand your target audience. You can share these interviews either in written form, or a podcast, or both. Sharing a video featuring an interview is also a great option to increase traffic and engage visitors.

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