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Sajib Hossain

CFO & Founder of WebMarkia | Digital Marketing Strategist + Blogger

A professional freelance digital marketing strategist, help any kind of blog or small business promotion, sales and lead generating through online marketing. I have been working with Internet marketing for more than 5 years at Upwork. I have worked for several dozen companies to increase their profit by implementing my marketing knowledge at Upwork.

Love to sharing reliable information about Blog Promotion, Small Business Promotion, Local Business Promotion, LifeHack, Productivity Hack, Freelancing tips, Entrepreneurship, etc…

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My Story

I started freelancing professionally, at the end of 2014, the month was October. Started with SEO, After that gradually I mastered WordPress, I learned the basics of various programming languages ​​like HTML, CSS, PHP and many more, now I can create any kind of website with WordPress CMS, then start social media marketing, email marketing, copywriting , Content Marketing,

Since there is no end to learning, Although I can set up these basic campaigns, then if you want to be full stake digital marketing professional, you need to have the practical skills in all the above stuff.

So, trying to become a professional level digital marketing strategist, and working on freelancing website upwork, as a professional digital marketing strategist, to establish yourself as an entrepreneur,

Being  as a blogger regularly Share importance tips and tricks about digital marketing, blog promotion , small business promotion, local business promotion, life hack , productivity hack, freelancing tips, entrepreneurship etc.

meet the Best crew ever

my Team

We concentrate on the promotion of your small business or blog, Create strategic plans based on what your business needs for the shake to expand your sales and grow your business or blog

Alex Flores

Marketing manager

Over 9 years of work experience in the virtual environment, specializing in sales and marketing, administrative work, and social media management. 


Linda Dempsey

content writer

I’m a professional Editor, Copywriter and Content Writer with over 4 years of experience. Writing is my passion and I love helping other people succeed through my talents.

Munshi Jahangir

web developer

9 Years’ Working Experience as WordPress Developer! Also Expert on HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, MySQL Database, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress eCommerce etc..


aminul islam moon

local seo specialist

Over 6 years of experience in SEO Industry. Have deep knowledge on Google, Bing and other Search Engine and have been working for many reputed companies locally.


Kazi Abu Rayhan

Virtual Assistant

Over 5 years of experience in Social Media & Email Marketer, Virtual Assistant & Article Writer at Upwork.


sahlah mahmud

social media strategist

Social Media Marketing Strategist, dedicated to helping brilliant, ambitious business owners to step up their game with the most effective digital marketing techniques.

Our Story

WebMarkia is a freelance digital marketing service provider team based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. All of the team members are professional and Top Rated freelancer at Upwork. We provide any kind of digital marketing service for your blog or small business. We assure that your target customers drive in through your doors within local marketing.

We’re a proudly Bangladeshi freelance digital marketing team, concentrated on the growth of your small business or personal blog.

Our Mission

Our aim is to create the best schemes and plans for your business to boost your sales and lead, in addition to gaining your positioning and brand awareness.

We perform each of our activities with the highest professionalism, values, and innovation, according to our partiality and recognizing at all times that our preference is our clients.

Work with me ready to big things happen

Do you want to get big result from small business and want to increase your reach and revenue from your blog?  

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