How to Choose a Domain Name for Your Blog?

Finding your perfect domain name can be very difficult, finding a good domain name is important because it influences how you profile your blog, how you are found and how easy it is to reach you. Choosing a good domain name is a determining factor for your online success.

But how do you choose a good domain name? These 10 expert tips will help you choose the best domain name for your business or personal blog.

When starting up a new blog it is important that you select a good domain name for your blog. Some tips are more important than others, depending on whether you are looking for a domain name for a business or personal blog.

Keep the domain name short

Choose a short domain name. If you choose a long domain name you increase the chance of spelling mistakes. Moreover, typing a short name is much faster and a long name can also cause problems when performing marketing activities.

Keep the domain name easy

Make sure that your chosen domain name is easy to type. After all, you want to prevent someone from typing your domain name incorrectly and perhaps ending up with the competitor.

 Choose the correct extension

Extensions are the additions to a domain name, such as .com, .net or .org. Think carefully about your ambitions in the future and the extension that comes with it.

 Avoid numbers and characters as much as possible

Numbers and characters are often forgotten or misspelt. Take Six Flags, for example. When people hear the name, we won’t know if they should write six or six, let alone whether they should use a hyphen.

Preferably make no use of figures as of writing letters like

Additions to the domain name

Is your ideal domain name taken? Then you can always opt for a certain addition such as:

  • Expert
  • Online store
  • Center
  • Online
  • The

Synonyms as an addition to the domain name

The additions above are quite generic. You can also choose other, more unique words such as:

Warehouse, trade or department store instead of the centre

Authority, expert or professional instead of expert

Check the availability on Social Media

Also always check whether your domain name is still available on the Social Media platforms that you want to use for your marketing purposes. It would be a shame if you choose a domain name that you cannot use on social media, right?

Look for a more unique name

Determine how unique the domain name is By searching on Google quickly you will soon know whether your chosen domain name is unique. If you find many similar domains in the search results, you better look for a more unique name. Moreover, you run less risk that people confuse your company with another company.

Choose a memorable domain name

Of course, you want people to remember your domain name well. The better your domain name remains in someone’s memory, the greater the chance that he will visit your website (more often). It is immediately clear what these websites are about. Even if the advertisements don’t appeal to you, everyone knows what you’re talking about.

Avoid street language and ‘slang’

It is better to avoid hypo-words and street language when choosing a domain name. These words are often not future-proof and will disappear from society in a few years. You don’t want to be left with a meaningless domain name, do you?

A good domain name can make or break your success, or at least strongly influence the number of visitors.