Pinterest Marketing

Our Working Process:

Pinterest marketing is very important to promote your blog. One of the biggest advantages of using Pinterest for your blog is the ability to drive a huge amount of new traffic to your Blog. Let’s have a look some effective Pinterest marketing strategy for your blog step by step.


Brand Your profile

Before starting Pinterest marketing, the first thing to do is to set up the account well and optimize it accurately. Like adding logos, adding a bio, adding other social media pages and so on. 


Determine Your Content Strategy

After setting up the account, the second important step is to create a content strategy and to create a Pinterest board accordingly. We create content calendars to manage Pinterest content.


Pinterest Graphics design

Since Pinterest is a social graphics media, we also have to create content like graphics media, for example, flayer, infographics, short video graphics, etc. We help to create Pinterest graphics for your blog. 


Distribute Your Content

After designing Pinterest graphics, the main thing is to publish them at the right time so that more people can see. In this step, we will distribute your Pinterest content through Pinterest marketing tools like Tailwinds. 


Join Community Boards

It is important to join the Pinterest group board to increase the view of the pins, even joining the tailwind tribes. in this step, we will help to join relevant group board and regular repin your existing pin. So that you can get more reach.


Monitoring and Reporting

All set, It’s time to analysis and monitoring your marketing activity and reporting regularly. In this step, we will monitoring and analysis marketing activity and reporting, So that you can understand how’s work and measure your success.

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